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Differentiated Instruction & Response to Intervention

Differentiated Instruction Presentation

St. Katherine Drexel - Beaver Dam


Dr. Michlowski's Collaborative Learning Webquest

Syllabus for Credit

DI - Notes

DI - Range Cards

Student Identification and Grouping Template

Session 1:

Student Profile Survey Tools

Survey Monkey
Google Forms
BGFL Multiple Intelligences Inventory Secondary
BGFL Multiple Intelligences Inventory Primary

Session 2: Content


Lexile Ranges and Common Core

Grade Level and Lexile Equivalencies
Scholastic Lexile Assessment
Lexile Book Search
Books with High Lexile Levels

Lexile Ranges and Corresponding Colors
Orange 1200+

Blue 1050-1200

Yellow 900-1050

Red 750-900

White 600-750

Green 450-600

Pink 300-450

Black 150-300

Grey 000-150

Differentiated Instruction Live Binder
Differentiated Instruction Pinterest

Depth of Learning Keys
Differentiation of Learning Objectives
Managing Differentiation in the Classroom

Lesson Planning Template

Kuta Software Differentiation for 5th grade - 8th grade math
Additional Tiered Lesson Examples and Resources

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

Differentiating CONTENT (Tomlinson, 1999)
  1. Identify curriculum areas
  2. Choose broad instructional concepts and skills
  3. Identify the major concepts, principles, and skills students should learn.
  4. Choose one or two broad concepts or skills
  5. Brainstorm ideas for activities, tasks, and assessments
  6. Provide text on multiple levels of difficulty from various media sources
  7. Chunk content for scaffolding
  8. Encourage thinking at various levels of Bloom's Taxonomy

Session 3: Strategies

Strategies List
Dr. Michlowski's Wikispace and Resources

Session 4: Assessment

Google Documents

Differentiated Project Ideas (Paul Galuska)

Project Assessment Rubrics

Intel Assessment Rubrics (Customizable)
Kathy Schrock's Rubric

Construction of Choice Boards


Differentiated Objective Generator


Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Wheel


Content Area Resources for RtI

Internet 4 Classrooms - Reading, Language and Math for PK-8

Sample Tiered Lesson Plans

Differentiation Central

Differentiation through Boom's Taxonomy

DI & Technology Links

InstaGrok Visual Search Engine
Wolfram Alpha Search Engine

Planning Sheet for Students using Glogster Template for Glogster Plan
Planning Sheet for Students using VokiTemplate for Voki Plan

OLOGY History Tool

Vocabulary/Spelling City Comprehensive Spelling Site

Class Dojo Differentiated Instruction / Behavior Assistance

Brain Flips Flashcards

Vocabulary - Differentiation

Videos for Students

Brain Pop

Khan Academy

Project Creation Resources

Voice Thread
Museum Box


Live Binders

Younger Student Resources

Click Here to Download Game Templates


Build Your Wild Self

Magnetic Poetry Kids



Math RtI Resources

Wisconsin’s Response to Intervention (RtI) Site

Wisconsin’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Website

RtI Talks & Math

Mathematics Assessment in K-8 RtI