Content Curation and AggregationKristi Shaw - Marian University

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1. The Expert Approach - Curation (, Pearltrees)

2. The Crowd Approach - Algorithm-based (Flipboard, Zite)

3. The User Behavior Approach - Personalized (Google, Facebook, Pinterest)

4. The Relationships Approach - Social Graph (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

5. The Patterns Approach - Emergence

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Web-Based Services!





Additional Resources
  1. Faveous - The place for everything you like.
  2. Trapit - Captures personalized content. Powered by advanced AI.
  3. - Leverage curation to easily build gorgeous magazines.
  4. retickr - A Mac app that streams Facebook, Twitter, RSS to your desktop.
  5. iFlow - Discover, curate, share. A real-time information exchange.
  6. - Collection of topics and interests curated by everyone.
  7. - Become a publisher and start an online newspaper.
  8. Feedly - Minimalistic, personal, social news reader for creative minds.
  9. Bundlr - Create topic pages to share.
  10. Flockler – Create your own magazine. Share your passion.
  11. Prismatic - Discover and share relevant news.
  12. Collected – Collect your interests.
  13. Kurat – Follow the news that really important to you.
  14. LearnistLike Pinterest with an educational twist.
  15. Shareist - Create your own custom curation website.
  16. Qrait - Realtime content curation platform.
  17. Kweeper - The easiest way to gather, organize and share things.

Browser Extensions

Evernote Web Clipper
Pearltrees Pearler

  1. Flipboard – Your social magazine.
  2. News360 - Next-generation news personalization and aggregation.
  3. persona/ - Everything you care about in one channel.
  4. Evri – A topic-based news reader.
  5. Ongo - Your news like never before.
  6. Smartr - Create and share your personal newspaper.
  7. Pulse – Transforms your news into a colorful mosaic.
  8. Hitpad - iPad app that lets you know what’s up in the news / Facebook.
  9. Flud – Social news reader where everyone has a personality.
  10. Zite – A personalized magazine for iPad / iPhone.
  11. Taptu – DJ your news.

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