Common Core Standards and Technology Leadership

Understanding the Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) can be a little overwhelming if you look at them as a whole. In order to truly master the standards it is key that you have a plan of attack.
Take a look at this handy infographic below to help guide you through the steps of implementing the standards in your classroom and lifestyle. There are some very simple but useful recommendations on where to start. Keep reading to learn more.

Mastering The Common Core

  • Learn – Knowing the path in front of you is half the journey
  • Reflect – Ninjas continually focus on their strengths as well as opportunities for improvement
  • Leap – Immerse yourself in the CCSS by integrating the language of the standards into your classroom
  • Collaborate – Ninjas never attack a problem alone, and neither should you
  • Execute – Use your new educational arsenal to fulfill your destiny as a Core Ninja
external image commoncoreteacher.jpg